Why Meeting Planners Want Roy Reid at Their Events...

1. His content is life changing, relevant and immediately usable.

2. He will provide an entertaining and engaging experience for your attendees.

3. He is actually doing the things he talks about, bringing real life experiences to your audience.

4. His speeches are motivational with actionable ideas for the audience.

5. Attendees will have something tangible and immediate from which to benefit.

6. He can provide executive sessions for your leadership or additional breakouts for attendees.

7. He provides an advance planning session to ensure the program is focused on your guests.

8. He understands the importance of time and will honor yours.

9. Feedback from his presentations is always outstanding.

Roy is committed to your success and satisfaction and everything listed above was provided as feedback from those who have seen Roy speak

Outrageous Trust®

Transformational Leadership that Strengthens Relationships and Improves Results

Relationships are the channel through which we achieve anything and trust is the foundation of fulfilling, productive and profitable relationships. Why settle for average trust when you can have Outrageous Trust? Build stronger, sustainable relationships resulting in better results in your life, personally and professionally. Outrageous Trust helps leaders find clarity, make better decisions, improve relationships and achieve their results.

Excerpt from Roy's presentation of Outrageous Trust.

 Roy Reid has spoken to audiences worldwide...from the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and China.

Roy Reid has spoken to audiences worldwide...from the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and China.


Outrageous Collaboration & Team Building for Managing Through Change

Work more effectively, create vividly, and solve problems through your teams

Great accomplishments happen when teams work together and operate at their highest level of effectiveness. Great teams require trust, cohesion, diversity, openness, focus, and motivation. Individuals must come together and understand the overall objectives with clarity of their roles and goals.


Outrageous Living: The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Developing the entrepreneurial qualities and traits that will make you indispensable

Entrepreneurs have consistently been at the forefront of change and innovation.  In today’s economy, those that can understand how to identify their passion, build on their strengths and take on the necessary risk will create a fulfilling and prosperous career for themselves and those around them.


Outrageous Storytelling for Results

Crafting the compelling story to effectively communicate, pitch, and sell YOU

Managing your career or business requires effective communication from the one-on-one interview to professional networking; boardroom presentations to public speeches. In today’s fast moving marketplace and the emergence of social media, the ability to craft and deliver your message is more important than ever.


"Brand U" - Outrageous Personal Branding

Effective personal branding for success

What idea comes to mind when other people think of you? What actions are you normally associated with? If your colleagues depend on you to be reliable, honest and principled, chances are you are already growing your personal brand.  This presentation will identify how trust works, how to cultivate it and how it relates to your personal brand. Participants will be able to recognize how they want to be represented in life and identify their value, differentiation and marketability. Do not let those around you define who you are, take charge with Brand U.