The Mighty Casey Strikes China and to Change the World

This is my friend Casey Field.  You need to remember that name because she will leave her mark on the world and a make a powerful impact on the lives of people worldwide. Casey is a senior at the University of Central Florida (UCF) and a Student Ambassador at the College of Business (#UCFBusiness). She and I met three years ago as I began my service in the college...we immediately connected and she invited me to be a mentor.

Casey has a dream to provide young women around the world a place to find three things. 1) A safe place to go and be brutally and beautifully honest about their understand that they are not alone and have others to share and help in their struggles. 2) An opportunity to connect with other women in a mentoring relationship to learn, love, and grow through that special relationship. 3) A global network of people committed to opening up opportunities to women and specifically those in places where opportunity may have not been available. To do this, she created the SCARF Society

The society is a place to convene, connect, and care for women at a professional, personal and spiritual level. Casey has hosted a few events where people (men and women) bring and wear a scarf to exchange with others, sharing inspirational ideas and thoughts, while getting to know and connect with others to build this network. In addition, she has twice been invited to the Clinton Global Initiative as a delegate to present and get her idea funded. And earlier this year, she was invited to China to speak to 5,000 young women, introducing them to the SCARF Society and inviting them to join the community.

Casey has been working with a number of people over the past few months to get the trip to China coordinated and is raising support for the trip. Here is the link if you would like to help her change the person at a time.

The one thing I know, having traveled and taught in China, is that she will transform and inspire so many people through her work. In addition, I hope that her message inspires all of us to take time to mentor and be mentored in our lives. The special connection of that relationship is the difference maker in how we work through challenges and accept the successes in our lives.

Two weeks ago I was invited by Casey to join her family for her recognition as a member of the Order of Pegasus...the highest student honor at UCF. Being invited to attend "as family" was the highest honor I can think of as a mentor and friend. 

Take time this week to look at how and where you can share your life experiences to help someone. Need help finding a place to do so, check out the #UCFBUsiness website and connect through the Exchange, or perhaps reach our to Junior Achievement and learn about the JA Academy at Oak Ridge High School. Either will produce fruit and provide you and the student with life changing experiences.